Things to get rid of.


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Ok well things have been pretty crazy for me lately. The tank is looking pretty good but I am going to get rid of a few things to make room for grow out and well just clean house a little.

As far as corals go I will be getting rid of the following

Large pagoda cup Nice green easy to keep probably 6 to 7 inches round.
$40 obo


Acans. these are called Zippers and I got them from cherry coral. They are larger now. probably 10 to 12 heads. they have almost gold specs. not white. Nice healthy acans. $30


I have some other pieces as well . Sps mostly that I will be looking at getting rid of.

If I end up changing tanks I will also have a 4ft 6 bulb Tek light with 6 bulbs.
3 extra bulbs too. all like new still have box. lol.

we will see what happens. I am not getting out of the hobby by any means. I may just have to downsize for a year or two until I get some things figured out. If that is what I descide to do I will also have my tank 90g, the stand, canopy, sump, media reactor and skimmer. Oh and a vortech mp40W
plus my powder blue tang.
I will reuse my controller, ATO, and dosing pumps. So if anyone is interested just drop me a line for more info.


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Ok well, it s official. I will have a couple things to get rid of here pretty soon. I will have my tank, stand and canopy all available. 90g all blac. The stand and canopy are made from red oak stained black. I will have to make a call but I think the lights are spoken for. I am re using my sump, pump,controller ect...

I will be selling a vortech as well. mp40w. $300 to local club memmbers. will be posting it for $330 shipped. A little upgrade downsize sort of speak. make things a little easier.
if someone is interested in anything I have available just let me know. Mojo~


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Let me know what you want for the tank, stand, and canopy.
I know someone who may be getting into the hobby.
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I figure thats pretty fair the tank is 7 months old and the stand and canpopy are made out of oak.