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As some of you may know, Drs. Foster and Smith is an active partner with Habitattitude, an organization that helps educate hobbyists about invasive species awareness. We're pleased to announce some good news:'s efforts to help protect the environment from invasive species are being recognized with an invitation by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to participate in their Partnership Forum on Capital Hill. The event, held February 26, 2007 in Washington, D.C., brings together conservation partners, Fisheries & Habitat Conservation (FHC) administration officials, and Members of Congress "to celebrate accomplishments achieved . . . toward restoring and maintaining healthy fish and wildlife; healthy habitats; healthy people; and a healthy economy."

Everyone here at would like to thank all of you for doing your part in protecting local habitats from invasive species by never releasing plants or aquatic life back into the wild. Being a responsible reef hobbyist means more than simply taking care of your aquarium and its inhabitants. By "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally," it's truly your efforts that will be celebrated on Capital Hill this weekend.

For more information on our efforts to help better educate hobbyists on invasive species along with more information the Habitattitude program please visit

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Kevin Kohen
Director of LiveAquaria
Drs. Foster and Smith