Thinking about a Refugium and could use your advice

Patrick Cox

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I have been running my primarily SPS 100G tank for about 5 1/2 years. I have had a lot of ups and downs but I am fairly happy with the tank. However over that time I have battled different forms of algae. And in the last probably 6-12 months I have started noticing new types of algae that just appeared without me adding anything new to the tank. My rock was live rock from Tampa Bay salt water that was introduced when I first started the tank. I guess this algae was dormant in that rock for several years.

My phosphate and nitrate always test low though. I really just run a skimmer and do 8 gallon water changes every couple of weeks.

Now I am thinking about added a refugium. So I wanted to ask for any thoughts on refugiums. Do any of you run them and if so, would you recommend to others? Will they help slow algae in the display? Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

I will post a recent picture later today when my lights come on.



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Don’t plumb your refugium like i plumbed mine. It is idiotic.

One thing BRS says, and it makes sense, don’t expect a $6 hardware store grow light to outcompete the your DT’s lighting. If you want a fuge to be effective, you are going to have to buy a decent light. I use a chi com black box marketed for growing pot. They are great for growing algae.