Thinking about getting out of hobby for a while.

CT Clownfish

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Hi all I'm thinking about getting out of the hobby for a while. We are moving soon(june5th). And the thought of moving all our stuff plus a 240, a 30 and a 29 is just more stress. Not sure if I should try and sell the livestock or bring into a lfs. The 240 has around 300lbs Southdown livesand. Can't remember how much rock maybe 200lbs. A very large toad stool, another very large soft I don't remember the name. A few other smaller softys. A large BTA with mated pair of wsm clowns. 4 Tangs all around 4"-6". A 4"-5" angle. A few other fish I can't remember right now.
The 30 has around 20lbs live rock, 50lbs live southdown, A lordswith around 8-10 heads. A two head blasto. A big sea hare. One wsm clown and one ysm clown. Snails and crabs, and tons of pods. The 29 has a pair of false pers clowns, and two other dams.
Thats about all I can remember. I'm sure I forgot many other things. Bob


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i would be interested in some equipment if u decide to part out sorry to hear ya go, hopefully u will be back up and runing once you get to your new destination :)


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I would be intristed in the 30 as a whole pkg. Hope you get back into the hobby aswell. Hopefully your moveing somewhere warmer!


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Not sure where you live, but If fairly local (Milford) I would offer to 'tank sit' at least the 29 and the 30 until you have the time to reset them. No way I could handle the 240. Just an option as I know it sucks to have to break down systems and sell everything. Especially, knowing you'll be right back into it once the house is ready.


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I'm available to take a lot of that sand off your hands it you need someone. I come down to your area every sunday afternoon if you want to set something up.


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I'm sorry to hear that you're thinking of getting out. Couldn't you just combine the tanks and only have to set up one for now? Don't sell your equipment just yet, you may find that once you've moved, you'll miss having the tanks around and decide to restart all over again.

Good luck to you,


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I know the feeling. I am (hopefully) moving soon and I am going to sell all of my 180G equipment and livestock for the very same reason.. Good luck.. hope everything works out..

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Fish in the 240 are as follows.
1. Blonde male Naso 4"-5"
1. Purple tang 4"-5"
1. Hippo tang 4"-5"
1. Sohal Tang 5"- 6"
other fish face 4"- 5"
1. changing color Imperator Angel 3"-4"
1.Male Green Mandarin
1.female Green Mandarin
1.Algae Blenny 4"- 5"
1. mated pair of WSM Clowns female 5", male 2 1/2" +- May keep these guys.

I will know what I'm doing by may 12th. At this point Wife and I have talked it over a little and Looks like it will be the big tank the goes by by. Bob

ps I think there could be as much as 500lbs live southdown in this tank.

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Wife just told me 5 mins ago, no we can't sell the tanks. We have had the fish to long and she can't see them go. Oh fun. Now I have to move them. Sorry all . Bob