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I'm thinking about selling my 450. It has been setup for about 1 1/2 years now but I'm just not getting the enjoyment out of it like I used too plus I am working all the time so it is hard to find time to take care of every little thing with it.

I do not want to piece it out. As a matter of fact I will throw in all the stuff in my garage that I currently don't have hooked up. I'm thinking a fair price and a price to get this thing sold is $3000. I've got alot more into it but I have accumulated this stuff over the years so it really isn't fair saying that I have $10,000 in the system.

Here's what is included...

1. Tank, 450 Gallon, 94.5 L x 29.5 W x 40 H, foam/rock wall back, center overflow, 1 1/4" thick acrylic
2. 36" Tall Stand (you will never, never, ever find a more secure stand)
3. (3) 400 watt Electronic Ballast with Timers and 14K bulbs
4. Tunze 6100 Pump in custom box with 6091 controller to make it function as a wavebox
5. Little Giant 4MDQS return pump
6. ASM G4 Skimmer
7. Two sumps (one on each side connected with pipe)
8. All plumbing
9. Calcium Reactor (not hooked up but ready and tank is full)
10. All the livestock you see in the picture (about 20 misc fish, corals, anemones, inverts, etc.)
11. All the liverock and sand (I can't even guess how much rock I have but it must be close to 500 pounds)
12. Canopy hinged front for easy access
13. Everything else I have in my fish tank bins (chemicals, plumbing, cords, fans, pumps, tubing, etc.)
14. Magnavore 8 Magnet
15. Polishing compound for acrylic
16. Media reactors for carbon, phosphate removal, etc.

I live in Edgewater, near New Smyrna so pickup would have to be there. Moving this will require a big trailer and many strong guys (or girls as my wife helped me move it onto the stand). Also you would need to bring bins, coolers, etc to transport the livestock in.

PM me if you are interested in the tank or have an offer.


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dam, if I could only convince the wife. might be interested in some stuff if you decide to take it down tho. if anyone decides to pull the trigger on this, i might be available to help get it torn down and loaded up as I'm right down the street . . . will work for livestock =P

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Codename: Dutchess
I'd be interested in the tunze diy wavebox, a reactor, couple pumps and some livestock if you decide to part.



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What kind of fish do you have in there?
**holding myself back from getting yet another tank, by asking about fish** lol