thinking about turning a old sump into fish breeder HELP NEEDED?


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ok so i have a 55 gal sump that i was using on my system but since ive upgraded to a 125 gal sump i was down stairs tonight looking at it and thought i bet i could make a great fish breeding tank with it with the help of all of you good folks:)
the design was a center return and i would like to keep it that way
what i was thinking is at least a 1.25" drain from the center down to a 20 or 30 gal sump with the returns entering back on both sides now the drain will be lower then the two baffles so the water will flow up over both baffles and down into the center and out the drain back to the sump
this way i can keep 3 different types of fish/ sizes also and each type will be in there own area but still share the same water system
sound good?
but now to my problem :(
the tank is a all glass and i dont know if its tempered or not
there is a sticker on the bottom that says not drill but doesnt any tank pretty much say that even if it isnt tempered just to try to keep you away from messing with it and voiding the warranty
because it doesnt say tempered anywhere on it so IDK?

please lots of help and criticism thats what i need
here are some pics after i finally got the 3 baffles out man they were a pain in the rump but at least i found that i put them in very well :thumbsup:




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The only way to know for sure if it's tempered is to figure out the manufacturer and check online for the specs. I can tell though that if it's made by Aqueon the bottom is tempered and if it's Marineland then they actually list a 55gal as all the glass being tempered. Hope it's not Marineland then...


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All Glass 55 gallons all have tempered bottoms, so don't drill ;) They wouldn't have put that sticker there otherwise.


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the bottom isnt what im worried about its the front and back sides
it is a ALL GLASS tank it has a little sticker on the back in the lower corner
i emailed them a few months ago with no reply of course
but i was wondering if they still made them like they didnt 2 years ago so as long as the front and back wasnt tempered i could still drill a bulkhead hole in the back for a single drain


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well i guess when i lokked on the AQUEON website before i overlooked something
i found more info and on a pdf file it shows the bar code of each type of tank and i still have my bar code sticker on the back i never cared about taking it off since it was a sump
so it is tempered on the bottom but thats all it says?