Thinking of buying a n ew pair of clowns


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I've always kept false percs in the past besides one maroon. I've only had one pair ever be hosted by a bta my nem of choice. That was a mix of the plain false and the black and white false perc. The black when in first then it was monkey see monkey do with them.

Would a pair of true percs be more apt to host than the false?

My current pair are a little over a year old. They have their spot in the tank but thats it. They will try and steal food from the bta but thats about it.


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Percs are always harderd to get in anemones than Ocellaris.

My experiences are the opposite. While my O's (( no longer have any )) always ended up being hosted, it always took them longer then any Percs that I have had over the years.

sleeperls --- if you plan on keeping your current pair of clowns, I would suggest against getting another pair. The odds are good that you would end up with one pair anyways.


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Both of my perc pairs took right to their anemones. One pair took about a week and the other took about 2 weeks. The latter was CB. Its hard to get them out of the nem now



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Oh i know not to mix pairs.

I just always see more true percs in bta's than ocellarius clownfish.

Having such a small tank size i cant keep the amount of fish i used to keep so its nice when they interact with the surroundings.

Its a 40br