This is a first time for me........ I can't believe any other LFS does this


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I walked into all pets superstore (on Foothill Blvd. in Glendale) this afternoon and I saw a dead young mouse being torn apart by a H. Tusk.

They do sell mice for snakes and while it is possible that it accidently fell into the tank, for some reasons I believe it was dropped in to feed the fish.
I also saw a piece of a carcas in another tank. I could not tell what it was, but it looked a little like mouse flesh that was in the other tank.



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hm... i once tossed in a mouse for my piranha.....

i mean we feed mice to pythons... which dont die in any more nice of a way, they're just squished and suffocated.

besides, i'm sure its cool seeing something like that, hell atleast it'll amuse me for a bit. and dont say it wont amuse u cause u know u'd want to see what the h. tusks would do ! :) nonyall are saint marys :)


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no, I just saw the 1/2 eaten carcas. The fish ate the meat and left the rib cage and was working its way down from the head to the tail (the fish was peeling the mouse like a banana). I did watch the fish take a nice chunk out of the mouse though.

I can't imagine that a mouse would be too healthy for the fish or the system as a whole.



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I wonder if the mouse got any licks in before he took his dirt... er... saltwater nap?

Can mice swim? -_-


Yup mice can swim and so do rats, I was watching a special on rats and they said they can swim for hrs with out resting :eek2:

so I can imagine a mouse probably has simliar stamina