Time to move on


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Yes, I'm moving from our house at Lake of the Ozarks to a smaller less aquarium friendly place. I know it's a drive, but I need to get going on a liquidation.
First up is livestock. Not much, Tomato Clown, Black and White Clown, a Perc and a Yellow Tang, There's assorted crabs, Carpet Anemones, and a few hardy corals.

The hardware in broad strokes is a drilled 180, a drilled 120, a stock tank fuge, and a water makeup system with a 150 GPD RO/DI system to a 120 gal storage tank and 120 gal mix tank. There's also a couple of 40 breeders and smaller assorted tanks for isolation etc.
There is an issue with aptasia and cyano now due to neglect during what we've started thinking is the worlds slowest move.
First to go has to be the livestock. Pick up only. DM me for address and directions. After that's done I'll post specifics on equipment and prices.
As a bonus, right of first refusal on equipment will go to who ever takes the livestock.


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I'll send pics if you give me an address.

I sent you a PM asking about your livestock also, just FYI. But this guy MaxxII, he'll give it a better home for sure. He really knows what's up when it comes to anemones.