Time to pair up yellow clown gobies


New member
Hey guys, so I am attempting to pair up 2 yellow clown gobies.

I have read they are similar (opposite) to clownfish as they are all born female and the larger one will change into a male.
so having 2 fish , I should end up with a pair eventually.

I have 2 in my tank currently, for about 2 months now.

the bigger one is definatly the boss and chases the smaller one (he never nips at him). just chasing from one spot to another.

the smaller one is still healthy and eating (I spot feed him just to be sure)

I am wondering how long will this chasing around take until one of them changes sex and they finally pair up.

how long is the process of changing sex for them?

anyone has experience with pairing up these fish ?

thanks in advance guys !