Time to sell some zoanthids


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Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not been on in what seems like forever, I have been dealing with some health issues.

However I have some great zoanthid colonys for sale that I am trying to sell to make some room in my tank.

So to start off the list I will go from most expensive to least. Also pictures will come later.

1) 40+ polyps of utter chaos. $350
2) 35+ polyps of candy apple reds $300
3) 25+ polyps of rastas. $200
4) 35+ polyps of red hornets $125
5) 15 polyps of sunny D's $100
6) 25+ polyps of chong bongs $100
7) 15+ polyps of pink elephants $80
8) 12 polyps of blue hornets $75
9) 20 polyps of jokers $50
10) 25+ polyps of gorilla nipples $45
11) 15+ polyps of absolute orange $40
12) 15+ polyps of atomic reds $40

Discounts on multiple colonys also I have more coral for sale. If you want to come by my house and check it out in person feel free to message me. Also feel free to make an offer. Please don't low ball me. This is my last sale for my senior project. Due to not fragging frags can be dipped and packaged by tomorrow!

Just because I want to move these to make room in my tank 5% off all orders right away if ordered today!



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Guys selling my zoa garden. Moving more towards sps. Pm me your phone number for picture.

15 species of zoas!

Over 200 polyps


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I think you should post this on Craigslist (if you havent) and in the sf and other neighboring forums. I think most in the club have these based on what's at the swaps/raffles and you may have a better shot selling to some other audiences.. Just a thought