Time won't stay in sync?


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I want to program my lighting schedual but my apex time won't stay synced on my phone. I don't usually use my computer but don't see a time there that isn't keeping up like on my phone app.
And suggestions? Questions?


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In the Apex, set the clock settings to Auto-set, enable DST, and set the timezone to the proper value for your location. For NY, that value is -5.

Once this is done, your Apex will sync time with accurate time servers via the Internet. After making the clock settings, reboot the Apex, and check the Apex clock time about 5 minutes later - it should be right on the money, and then stay that way.... it will update itself from those reference clocks about every 18 hours.

Don't ever use the sync time thing in the Apex app - it will screw up that automatic timekeeping.