To Canopy or to not canopy...


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gonna be a 20L. The corals are zoas, mushrooms, GSP, Yellow Colony Polyp, a hammer, and a chili.

Currently I have a Coralife Quatt 96W on my 10gal. but the bulbs lose spectrum after like 6 months and now, welcome to the algae plains, so I want something else.

I've been looking at going to T-5 HO's 4-24W setups with half 10K and half Actinic.
So, I'm comparing retrofits into a canopy verses all in one set ups.
I like the open top look and the fact that I don't fight heat, but if I gotta canopy, I could get a firefish or a bassellet, which I love and I wouldn't have to fight the dust and dog hair in the tank clogging intakes that I fight with the open top.

So, what would you do?

Also, I've been looking at these

Overpriced? Or worth every penny?

How long can you keep T-5's before replacement is needed to prevent the wrong spectrum?


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for the price difference, you could get a bigger tank and upgrade while youre at it... the hellolights is the almost identical as the tek fixture and the bulbs are included