To glass top or not to glass top


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I was just wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether or not to use glass tops on your display. I was initially using glass top to protect from some of the heat from my lights and to decrease some of the evaporation. Now I've taken them off because they became encrusted with salt creep and decreased the amount of light transmission.

75 gal display with 30 gal sump/refugium. Running DIY overflow with 1200 gph return pump. New lighting fixture with 4 54watt actinic T5 HO and 2 250 watt MH lamps.


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No to glass tops. They inhibit gas exchange and like you said, they can block a lot of light without constant cleaning.


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Use 1/4" or 1/2" mesh screen to keep animals in and out of your tank. It gives free gas exchange, light penetrtion, and cooling. You can buy it at bulkreefsupply, or HomeDepot or Lowes sometimes, my LFS carries it.

I may try going with a glass top this winter, but the cleaning part stinks. I am only considering it to help keep heat in as my house is kept on the cool isde.