To Glue or not to Glue?


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What is the best way to "attach" corals to the LR? Is it better to use the epoxy putty stuff or just use the super glue? Im looking for a way that I can attach them , and not too sure what I should do.. any advice would be greatly appreciated



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i use BSI Ic gel works a lot better then super glue gel



Reef Monkey
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I don't know about the IC gel that many people use, but I've been using Loctite Super Glue gel that I get at Lowes (or probably just about any hardware store, Wal Mart, etc.). You just pat dry the area of the frag you want to glue, squeeze on some glue and then press it firmly onto the area where you want to glue it. I find that I sometimes have to rotate it a few degrees back and forth sometimes to get it to stick well since the glue tends to get a skin over it once I place it in the water. Then, just hold it there a couple minutes, and you should be good. I'd imagine the IC gel works the same way.
If it's a particularly large coral, I'll also use some epoxy putty around it to help secure it. Just remember the epoxy doesn't really stick to the rock or coral, so work it into the crevaces, and don't expect it to do much for you if the surface is pretty flat.