To Kalk or not to Kalk…that is the ?...


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To Kalk or not to Kalk…that is the ?...

So after all the chatter about Kalk having phosphates and , and phosphate remover lowering your alk, and after seeing systems with out the KALK reactors being successful… I am thinking about taking mine off line and turning up the Calcuim reactor..

My PH has always run low 7.9-8 and now having problems keeping up my alk..
I am using PHOSar in a TLF reactor..
I am using MRS wages for kalk..
Was using SEACHEM Reefsalt, just switched to RC, to try to get better ALK readings….
I was mixing 6x a day for 3 min and was topping off with an electronic float/solenoid by gravity through my Kalk reactor.. Today I removed the KR.. temp, and thinking about keeping it off ..
My Calcium reactor is large enough to handle any load i throw at it.
What opinions about all this does any one have?


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The calcium reactor should be able to do the job nicely, although the pH might drop a bit further. Many tanks seem to require a calcium reactor (or a 2-part) in addition to lime.