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Well I was just sitting around today and thought I would run a simple test.

I took 3 small containers and filled with RO water took my TDS meter and tested the water reading 18ppm (it is RO not RODI)

Then I took the nori and put it into the first container and set the timer for 2 min.

after the 2min the ro reading was 94 in the first container.

I repeated in the second container and after 2 min the reading was 41

again repeated in the 3rd container and after 2 min the reading was 25

here is also something interested well I was going to use the tuperware that I use everyday for the fish tank. Well I filled it with ro and the reading was 214PPM. Now I only clean it like once a month normally but I guess I will have to clean it more often as the container must be holding the phosphates and such on the edges of the container. Just thought it was interesting.


1. don't reuse your food container over and over again with out cleaning it.

2. you need to let your nori sit in 3 different containers for 2 min or so to remove the phosphates and such so you don't put it into the tank.

as I said I was boired well not a perfectly run test but I thought it was interesteing.

feel free to bash the results :)



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So what you saw was something from the nori desolved into the water, we would expect that, and I bet the corals enjoy some of it.

your Tupperware likely has salt and other minerals in it after water evaporates. when you added RO you desolved the minerals back into the water and your TDS reading spikes.

Test the water from your tank...what is that number?


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kinda the point. anything porous will skew TDS results. I've always been taught to test water in glass that has been rinsed with the water you are going to test. Plastics will leech their previous contents and give bad readings.

Like WarDaddy said, many things organic and inorganic are going to dry in the food container if you did not rinse each time in RO water.