To the MARS members from the B.O.D.

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As many of you are aware, some shake ups have occurred on the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, as a result, three of our members have resigned. Rich VanDusen (President), James Hill (Treasurer), Rich Russell (Secretary) and Karen Manly (Librarian) remain on the Board. We will remain on the Board through the end of our terms in office.

MARS is a wonderful organization filled with marvelous people. MARS’ monthly meetings feature excellent speakers, amazing raffles and terrific opportunities to socialize and learn from other reef enthusiasts. The amount of reef-keeping knowledge at our monthly meetings is truly remarkable, and people travel far and wide to attend our frag swaps. The Western Marine Conference was a rousing success, providing the best speakers, frags, vendors and raffles our area has ever seen.

The WMC was a very successful, but very difficult endeavor. It taxed the Board and the WMC Committee much more than we anticipated. Everyone involved with the WMC worked very hard to make it a tremendous success. While we did succeed, we were also overwhelmed. The toll was much more than just frayed patience and bruised feelings. Rather than work out problems in our usual open, friendly way, members of the Board sometimes dealt with each other poorly. As a result, Marc Daniels, Minh Nguyen and Pam Schmeiser resigned. We are so sorry that this happened.

This is not the time or place to discuss exactly what happened. To do so would just cause more troubles. We also respectfully request that people not speculate. Please do not post about this. Rumors, innuendo or speculations will only hurt MARS.

We are beginning a process to mend our fences and protect MARS. We hope you understand that we cannot share with you right now the steps we are taking. We will when we can. But please know that we are diligently working to ensure that MARS continues as the place for reef-keeping hobbyists in the Sacramento area.

MARS Board of Directors


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THank you for the update rich, Many of us are glad that you stayed on.

So thank you And lets keep reefin'


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Re: To the MARS members from the B.O.D.

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Rumors, innuendo or speculations will only hurt MARS.

Well said, this should always be on our mind at all times.
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