Too big? Too much humidity?

I'm going to be upgrading tanks in the near future. I'm going with somewhere between 120 to 180 gallons, 4x2x2, 5x2x2, 6x2x2. The room is approx 11x13, has 3 windows and a ceiling fan for air movement. I don't want to have too much tank for the space.

Living in north east Ohio, I can't have the windows open year round. Is there a way to figure this out without trial and error? How should I proceed?



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Do you have a tank currently that you can gauge what it's evaporation currently is vs the size you will be going to?

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You could run a dehumidifier in the room. A lot of large fish rooms employ ventilation where fresh air is cycled in and humid air is cycled out. I run a 120g DT with total system about 200g in MD. We can't open the windows in winter, and I don't have a ventilation system installed yet. I plan to be in this hobby for a lifetime and to upgrade eventually to a 300g 'ish tank one day. Installing a ventilation system in the basement is one of my goals.


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I live in your area of Ohio. I have a small 10x12 fish room, check my sig for tank specs. I run a small dehumidifier 24/7, but it has an auto setting so it only runs when needed. If not I've seen it get in the 70+% humidity level in that room after only 24hrs with rainy weather if it isn't running.


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I had a 180 in the same or a little smaller room with 2 MH 17 ,2 mh 250, as well as t5s i liked the more moist air as compared to drier closed in heat only rooms but it was not like it was building up on any surfaces.
I now have another 180 in my twice the space with led lighting, I dont notice the Moistness in the air and do not have as much evaporation.


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I have anexhaust fan in my fish room I run all of the time. The state is in a really large weekend room that is finished. Haven't had any problems. I had a 75 in my living room without any problems.i live in medina so I have the same conditions you do.


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A tank in winter can actually help winter dryness in the house. In the summer, if humidity is excessive, your AC will remove excess moisture, but if no AC, then a rollabout dehumidifier is not hugely expensive. I have a library in the basement with my sump, and yes, I have one: either Frigidaire or Whirlpool, can't remember, but there are some months it does help.