too late to dip?


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i cant find where i read it.

put a piece of rock in high salinity water 1.030 and any hitchikers will jump out.

do you also do this with frags?

i just added a frag last night and today noticed a "worm" on it


should i make a small pail of 1.030 water, take out the frag, put it in the pail for 20 seconds and let the hitchhikers jump ship then put the frag back in the tank?

also - - - can you id the pic, button colony? zoa? what is the difference between the two?

thanks for your answers!


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I wounldn't do that with a frag unless you're prepared to loose it. It's a method to encourage hitchhikers to vacate liverock and it's not guaranteed to work, but it's worth a shot with fresh liverock.


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QT would be the answer, but if it's already in a display then it's likely too late regarding the worm in question. I would sooner do a freshwater dip on zoas over a hyper salinity dip, but neither are a guaranteed solution.