Too Many Reef Octopus Skimmer Lines?


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Is it just me, or does the Reef Octopus Skimmer Line have multiple overlapping models? Is there any real organization to their skimmer line offerings, or are they just playing lets see how many different models we can manufacture and sell?

This is not a thread bashing their quality or performance, but it seems they could streamline what they offer and make it a bit easier for the consumer to make a decision. They have more overlapping skimmer lines and models than any other skimmer manufacturer I have ever seen.

Curious if I am the only one that has noticed this?
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yeah.. felt the same way..
octopus has 8 legs? maybe they want to match or overmatch the numbers.?


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I just had a conversation with the guys at my LFS about this last week. It makes it really hard for small businesses to stock RO products.


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I could probably pull seven different skimmers they make as options on a 100 gallon mixed reef I have. Well, which of the 7 do I want? Which one works the best? Do I want:

1. Reef Octopus Hang on the Back skimmer.
2. Reef Octopus Skimmer
3. Reef Octopus RODC Skimmer
4. Reef Octopus "POV" Protein Skimmer
5. Reef Octopus Diablo Protein Skimmer
6. Super Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer
7. Reef Octopus "Classic" Protein Skimmer
8. Reef Octopus "Classic" Space Saving Skimmer

I mean, give me a break! These are just the Octopus Skimmer Lines I could easily find. There may be more!:hmm5:


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Which model do you not get random overflows ? Any? Maybe they want to keep trying until they get it right...


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Converting my old 110 to a recirc stopped that, but most people would have just tossed it. :D
There is no Octo product I will ever buy again, for numerous reasons.


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I think they do this so one dealer can have his models and another deal have his models and so on and so on.
I have never owned a Octopus skimmer, but the classic 110 model has caught my eye. Looks like a nice little skimmer at a cheap price. 9 watt pump with a 2 year guarantee is pretty sweet. All the reviews are solid. May be purchasing one when my Bubble Magus Atman pump bombs out. So far, its hanging in there!