too many snails?


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snail sewage

snail sewage

I have 10 assorted snails in my 29gal. I'm worried that they will starve to death if I don't remove a few. Once they got the algae under control, it hasn't come back.

10 snails left ungodly amounts of crap behind. Be prepared.


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depends what kind, if they were turbos, they would all starve. If a lot were ceriths and nassaarius(sp?) and you grew a lot of algea, you might be OK

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No way would 30 turbo's work out, 10 wouldnt even be a good idea. If you want Turbo's I would only do 2 with your tank. They get very big, they are clumsy and can knock over rockwork, corals very easily.
For glass and rock cleaners I like Astrea snails, they arent clumsy, dont get huge like the turbos, and do a gret job at cleaning.


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Astreas are my favorite all around so far. The Ceriths are cool too and are slower at cleaning but are smaller and seem to get the tight spots.

I started with 10 astrea and 3 turbos in my 55, they nocked out the bloom in 2-3 days.

I waited for the second bloom before I added the 10 ceriths. I also added 10 nassarius.

Since then I have added aone abalone, and one orange/black snail (name?), but I also have found around 5+ hitchiker snails (stomatella, collinista?) that have made me wary of adding more ATM.

~25-30 mixed algae grazers have been perfect on my tank buring some major blooms...

I can't see ever reaching the 1 per gallon mark. Maybe if it was just ceriths, but astrea and turbos are way too hungry for that IMO...