Too much flow?


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I had to replace my 2800 lph pump as It died and was able to get a 8000 lph wavemaker. I put it in without any other pumps but found my torch and Duncan were getting blasted, even though they are opposite end of the tsnk. The water was hitting the wall and going back. I turned on a 5200 lph pump opposite and things improved, obviously the water is now colliding. My question is suppose is this too much flow for my tank, can there be too much flow? With the 1000 lph return pump im at 14000 lph flow in the tank.
It's a 300 litre aquarium with displacement I think about 260 litres of water. Works out around 50 times the flow rate. Is it too much, I only have 1 sps and several lps. Shame I can't upload a video to demonstrate.

A cpl of pics taken few seconds apart to show movement of lps corals, hope this helps.

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Yes, there can be too much flow in a system. WHile some think really high flow rates are required I think it's important to remember 10X used to be the goto number. Our corals do not all come from the same habitat. Some come from areas that see little flow or wave action while some come from very energetic environments with strong and or chaotic flow. We shouldn't expect any one set of lighting and flow conditions are going to work for everything.