too much flow


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how much flow is to much. I have a 30 with a skilter 250 and one mj 1200 and it seems like the water is really moving around a bit but that is only 545 gph which is 18 times an hour i think. is this too much flow?


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We need some more info to be able to answer this question properly. What kind of corals are you trying to keep? SPS need alot more flow that LPS. Is the sand blowing aroiund in your tank? I don't think that you have to much flow no matter what you are keeping but if the corals look as if they are getting blown away maybe you need to try to redirect the flow.


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First, the flow from your power filter doesn't really count as it just on the surface. If anything, I would get another 1200s, as one isn't really enough for a good amount of flow.