Took a few pics today...


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I was playing around from the top today and i actually got some decent shots. Im inexperienced with sps for the most part and this is my first actual attempt to get it right for the stonies. Tank is a 30g breeder with a 55 gallon sump. Barebottom display tank but the sump has a dsb, chaeto and some live rock for filtration. I use a seaclone 100 skimmer (20 bucks with the pump, dont laugh). The system was set up in early april 07 with cured rock and established live sand.

I have 2 hammie 175 SE 14k and 6 maxijets in the display for flow, they are on a wavemaker. 3 are 1200's 2 are 900's and a 600. The return pump is a simple mag drive 2.

I know they arent mind blowing and the tank is not setup as a show tank right now. I had a bout with redbugs after i took on a buddys corals that got out of the hobby. I set the tank up with a nice looking display in mind but as soon as i got it up and stable i had redbugs bad. I fragged a couple colonies thinking i was saving them from stn, not knowing i had bugs at first. It sucks in a way because i destroyed a few colonies but i have a LFS that is more than fair when trading in the frags.

Let me know what ya think either way, im finally starting to get some colors popin and im proud! I figured id share the pics...









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Thanks guys! I am finally starting to have fun with it, the bugs and the brownout that followed really had me down.


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Looks great; how deep are the corals and how far are the lights from the water?

The corals are in about ten inches of water and the light is 8-9 inches off the water.


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Those are beautiful! I'm curious as to how your frag tank is set up now. Is most of your live rock in the sump? Any full-tank shots?


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All of the live rock is in the sump, along with chaeto and a dsb. I will get you a fts this afternoon, ill grab one of the sump now while its lit.


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Here is a fts and one of the sump, also one of my good buddy Spike.



Hes thinking get that camera out of my face you bum and get me some silversides...



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"got maxi jets?"

Yes i do! .....I know, Belive me i know! I wanted something affordable that would run on a wavemaker, after i added the wavemaker i needed more flow cause some pumps were off and some were on..... That led to the mess you see there. I have a 1200 with the high flow mod but it is WAY too much.

"Got Seaclone? "

Yes Rich, i do. I see people running without a skimmer at all. I also see people running a skimmer as big as i am and their tanks look the same as mine coralwise. I admit the seaclown is not the best and like i said i got it for 20 bucks with the pump. I figure if nothing else it oxygenates the water...

Ty flint =-)


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Yes this will be a display of sps corals, it was set up with that intention but things worked out differently. It is still new and as you can tell im pretty lazy, its far from complete.

I plan very little LR in the DT, maybe a rock shelf along the back wall and then a few rocks in front of that to make another shelf to mount corals on I might let zoos spread on the bare glass around all of that...