Top-off system (the nurse)


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About 10 years ago a guy was selling a top-off system called the nurse.
It was a acrylic container that held water of different amounts of gal. Anyway I think it worked of a syphon or pressure principle.
The container had a screwable cap that you un-screwed to fill up with water. Then it also had 2 tubes that came out of the cap. The purpose of the tubes was, one went to the sump and the other just stuck out a couple of inches above the cap. As the water level went down in the sump. The container added the same amount of top-off water to the sump.
If I don't have this exactly right please correct me.
Does anyone remember this product. I know it was around about 7 years ago.
If you do will you please post here how it worked and how to make one.

Thanks icbic