Tornado survivor - Springfield, fishies?


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Well, I have been without power since Sunday the 12th, I managed to catch my queen angel, lionfish and sf eel, however couldn't get my banded snake eel nor my lunare wrasse! Found my eel dead yesterday and have a feeling my wrasse is in heaven. My water is about 55, can't find my wrasse among my live rock. Will my LR be OK @ this temp? I just got it about 3 weeks ago. I have been going by the house and swishing the water around. I am hearing we should have electric tomorrow. Should I do a 50% water change when power is back on? How is my bio going to affected? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! How much would a decent generator cost me to run my tank in case this happens again?
I'd run to a place like Batteries plus, maybe autozone or radio shack and get a power inverter. For 25-30 bucks you can get one that will run your main pump and powerheads.
Meanwhile, get a Pen Plax B-11 battery operated air pump and get some air in that tank.
Actually, any battery operated bubbler, like they use in fishing to keep bait alive, will work.
Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks to all of you!!!! Thanks for offering your generator, I greatly appreciate it!:D