trade sps&othercoral for watertestkit


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I'm looking for a water test kit one that does all the following:
tests ph; alk; ca;mg; ammonia;nitrite;nitrate; phosphate;dkh
willing to trade all these corals for one. Test kit doesn't have to be brand new, but should have sizeable or adequate tests left.

Willing to trade all the following:

Two sps frags. One purple green acro 1" & One green encrusting acro 1"

Here are the mother colonies


Huge GSP colony 4-5"

Huge Green Bubble Coral 6"

And a frag of my soft ultra blue sponge 1-2"

Or if you want one of the sps mother colonies we can work out a deal just let me know if you're interested, thanks.


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Chruchboy - just an FYI, I find that most pH test kits are useless. Some of the tests kit I have seen basically have you add chemicals and ask you to compare colors. Well - guess what, it's really difficult to tell the difference between two shades of light pink.

If you get a test kit - you should get one that does it by titration and watching the indicator change color. Then you look on the chart to find out the Ph. Admittedly - I haven't tried the salifert one. The level of titration that some of these kits have is a joke at best.

I only test for pH with a pH meter. As far as other test kits are concern, I personally like the Salifert test kit. I threw away my other (mostly unused) test kit because the results were horrible.



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You're probably right Minh, if someone has one of those out there just let me know, but anything that can do the job is fine with me.