Treated with Interceptor & still have black bugs, HELP - pics

Brent Thomann

New member
Last week I noticed the tops of my frag plugs had tiny little black dots moving on them which appeared to be Black Bugs?

So I did a little research and was told to treat tank with Interceptor and I did. 3 days later I'm noticing them again. Some of them look to be eggs as they don't move.

What do you think they are? Pods of some type maybe? or are they bad possible and I should finishing the Interceptor treatment.

With in the last week I lost a couple Milli frags and a few other sps frags aren't looking so good.










Brent Thomann

New member
Forgot to tell you they are almost microscopic. Can barely see with your eyes.

I've never had a bubble bee snail?

The ones that do move that aren't still what appears to be eggs move quite quickly. Much, much faster than a snail.

I'm not sure that they are snails?

I didn't see them for a day or two after dosing tank with Interceptor pill, after 3 days I see them again.

Anyone care to chime in :) driving me nuts! For some reason I think they are the ones that killed my milli frags and 1 stag?