Treatment for Extremely Weak Sun Coral


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Long story short, my dad was in charge of feeding the NPS corals, but it turns out he wasn't feeding the sun coral properly, and as a result it didn't eat for well over a month, and it has refused to show its tentacles for more than two months. At least a third of the colony died.

For a month now, I've been taking him out of the tank at least five times a week and putting him in a Tupperware, and I've been feeding each individual polyp by hand, which is a nightmare. I streamlined the whole thing after a couple of weeks, and I'm now feeding him ReefRoids for most of his feedings, and one feeding every week or two I feed each individual polyp tiny pieces of LRS using tongs.

When I started hand feeding him, it would take at least an hour for his polyps to swallow the food. A lot of them were too weak to even swallow the food, and would give up partway through. The polyps are a lot stronger now and take only a third of the amount of time as before. They're also reacting much faster to food being placed on their mouths, and start opening their lips after less than three minutes.

However, tonight I noticed a bit of an odour coming from him when I was putting him in the Tupperware tonight. It's not as strong as full blown tissue necrosis, but he doesn't smell right. He looked fine before taking him out (no gaping). Three or four days ago I finished scrubbing off some sick and rotting (they were black) polyps around the perimeter of his exposed skeleton, and I'm wondering if opportunistic pathogen got into his flesh or something.

Thoughts? Should I dip him in hydrogen peroxide? I'm not going to give up on him since he has been steadily (but really slowly) improving.