tridanca clam @ 250 watt MH--distance?


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well, i still havn't started my tank but have decided to upgrade to one 250 watt iwasaki MH bulb. the tank is 20 inches deep, the bulb will be about 4" above the water. could i keep a clam on the bottom or should i try to balance one near the top?

P.S. drooling over squamosa and maxima especially, anyone got any more specific info. on these species?


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A quote from Daniel Knop's book, Giant Clams, Chapter 6. Keeping Clams in the Aquarium, subsection Illumination (p. 131)...
I recommend metal halide "TS" lamps of 250 Watt (Osram TS 250W/D) and tube shaped lamps with the socket E 27 or E40 (Osram T 250W/D)...250 Watt are used for tanks 60cm high, 400 Watt with tanks of 80 cm, and 1000 Watt with tanks of 100 cm water column.

I would recommend buying Daniel Knop's book as it's the clam keeper's bible. You can grab it thru the Amazon link at the bottom of this page.