Trigger Fish and Seaweed Problems


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I just bought a trigger fish to join my damsel and my agle bunny for my 30 gallon tank. He has a couple of white spots on him and hes been twitching every once and a while. He also realises air bubble like stuff from his body in a big cloud, does any one know what this is that he is realising? He does have a mean appitite though and if I remember correctly fish with ICK dont eat. I hope he doesn't have ICK, my tank has been up and running for over a year now. Also I just bought some seaweed for my agle bunny because there is not a lot of agle for him to eat on my glass. But he doesnt seem to want to eat it, how do i get him to eat it? It says on the package to that damsels will eat it too and he has been scared eversense i put in the trigger fish. Any suggestions?
My alge bunny is a lawn mower type, The spots have been desreasing but what is that gasy stuff that he realizes every once and a while do you think its stress from being introduced into a new tank?
the trigger will probably pick at your algae bunny (its a slug lookin thing, right?) causing a complete tank crash, due to it releasing toxins.

and a 30 gallon tank is too small for most triggers: what type did ya get?
I'd say the spots are from ich, and the gas is... well... who knows? doesn't sound right AT ALL... really strange.
I get it now. agle bunny = algea blenny = lawnmower blenny. I don't know whats going on with your blenny but it could be stressing out from being in the tank with a trigger. Triggers are predator fish and ther are no types of trigger that should be kept in a thirty gallon tank. I would take it back to the fish store where I bought it and if they told you it was ok to put a trigger in a 30 g tank, I would find another fish store to buy my fish at. What type of trigger is it? Also what are your tank parameters such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, salinity?
My trigger hasnt done the realising of gas any more, and he doesn't have any spots on him. He doesnt seem to fight with my damsel or my algea blenny. To the preson who said my tank will crash, why will it. The type of trigger fish he is a Humu Humu "Rhinecanthus aculeatus" this is the link and you can see what he looks like

Why do you think that triggers cant live in my 30 gal tank? I got a 75 gallon wet/dry trickel, protein skimmer, my levels of nitirates and amonina are all good. Then again the place that checked them was the same store I bought my fish from. I have a salt water test kit but I haven't checked the levels seince I added my fish.

its not that ur tank cant handle the trigger, its that the trigger can't handle the tank. The trigger fish is a predatory fish, it roams and stalks prey, it needs a lot of room to feel comfortable, 30g tank isnt big enough for the fish. It may be right now since you probably got him small, but they grow real fast.
The Humu Humu is actually one of the more active triggers that are commonly kept. I have one in a 6 foot long 125 gallon tank that at 6 inches long is a little more than half grown.(they get around 9 or 10 inches long) The way he zips around the tank makes it seem more like a ten gallon. Please don't take this as an attack on you, we are only trying to tell you what is best for your fish. I personally have made many mistakes and have lost a few fish that I shouldn't have. I just do my best not to repeat those mistakes.
drunktank its not that ur tank cant handle the trigger, its that the trigger can't handle the tank. The trigger fish is a predatory fish, it roams and stalks prey, it needs a lot of room to feel comfortable, 30g tank isnt big enough for the fish. It may be right now since you probably got him small, but they grow real fast.

I want to say that I don't take your advice as garbage and I take what people reply on here very serious seince I know most of you have made a lot of mistakes and want to warn people and also have a lot of knowledge about saltwater tanks.

With that done with I moved my live rock around to make some more hiding spots and actualy my alge blenny and my trigger fish were in the same hole not moving around just swiming in one place at night time. I don't think the store I went to will give me all of my money back. I was thinking about going into a reef only tank. No more feeding, no more worrying about the fish when I go places. Is reef keeping easier than fish only tank? Anyone got any advice on what I should do. Also I have two 15w lights currently would that be enough for a good reef tank? How hard is it to breed clownfish? Odd question but call me curious george on saltwater information.
you'd need ALOT more light, and the trigger will help get rid of your corals...

on my 29 gallon reef, I had a 250 watt MH... many people go for T5 lights now, or a 150 watt MH would work well for most of the reef tanks you see on here.

and they are jsut as much mantinece as a fowlr... if not more, with additivies, water changes, etc etc.
I would suggest that you need to do some serious reading, both on here and in books.

Start with "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and go from there.
I am going to get rid of my trigger tommorow after reading what everyone has said about keeping it in such a small tank. I bought a 65 watt compact 50/50 floresent to go along with my two 15 watt 50/50's. Is this enough to grow the color on my rocks and possibly some coral?
That combo should be okay for soft corals and some coralline, IMO. I have 130 W PC over a 29g tank, and soft corals are very happy in it. Some low-light stony corals might do well, too.

I think taking the trigger back is a good decision. They are neat animals, though.
Tommorow should I get some single mushroom's and put them in my tank? Will they make more? I want to make a lot of them but all from my tank and only starting with a couple. I am prepairing my salt mix as we speak my nitrates are the one that is high it said i belivie around 20-40 ppm which is the third worst on the chart. If I knew my conditions were this bad before I would of have done it the day I noticed. Now this is my first salt water change in over a year and I feel like a begginer. Is it like freshwater where I should target my rocks? Its gonna be hard to get to some places with my live rock so what do I do? Also I dont have a heater for my bucket of salt water mix. Should I take the one out of my tank and put it in there let it heat up and then mix the water in my tank after I take out waste? Help lost.
The mushrooms will spread if they like the conditions. The reddish-oranges ones spread like weeds.

You can target the rocks and debris areas when siphoning out the water. I wouldn't change more than 20% of the water in one shot, so having the new water at room temperature should be fine. You could do a series of changes, maybe one a day for 3-4 days, and then start a regular schedule.