Trigger Fish - should I add?

Nick M.

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I have a 92 corner tank with a coral banded shrimp, various hermits, a few snails and a long nose hawk fish and Coral Beauty.
Wondering if a Sargassum (Red Tail) or Blue Chin trigger, out ok.
I realize there is always caution and no definite answer, but they appear to be two of the more compatible species.


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sounds good if you can find thme the red tail is an awesome fish. Great personality and a little bolder then the blue chin from what i have seen.


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Triggers are tough to guess what mood they will be in. My Bursa always picks up or hits my snails. Huma seems to leave everything alone. Pinktail attacks anything that approaches his cave. Id guess the Coral Banded will be dinner within 2 days.