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would it be possible to put 2 huma triggers in the same tank that are roughly the same size with one being established?

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I wouldn't. I wouldn't put any fish in after a huma trigger. It'd probably stress the bajesus out of it and kill it if the trigger had been established.


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I had a huma huma trigger and he didn't tolerate any tank mates being added after him.

The best bet of 2 triggers "tolerating" each other would be to add them at the exact same time.
my current trigger is a kitten. he has surived my tank crash with ich, the only fish that did and also has been fine with the addition of some damsels, saddle puffer and maroon clown. he is the one in the tank the is shy and skittish...

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I wouldn't recommend it for a 75, no matter how docile the one you have is. These guys are generally mild mannered while they are juveniles (and in some cases conspecifics even get along), but generally get more aggressive and belligerent with age.

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Oh Ok, well that's still the same foot print as a 75 (just taller, but that doesn't mean anything really), so I still don't recommend it.


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As D said, as juveniles they may seem docile... drop a competitor in the tank and that will change quick.

My Huma never exhibited any "extreme" qualities of aggression, and used to get the crap kicked out of him on a daily basis by my Passer Angel.

So I thought I would be able to add another Trigger without any issues...

Basically acclimation went like this:

:) - Dropped the bag in to let it come up to temp.
:) - Added water to the bag slowly over the course of an hour.
:( - FW dip
:D - Added him to the tank.

30 seconds later:

:confused: - Wait what's that loud clicking noise I'm hearing???
:eek: - Oh that's the just huma huma trigger.
:eek2: - WAIT A SECOND... He's got the Niger Trigger's head in his mouth and was bashing it into a rock!!!
:furious: - I had to tear all the rocks apart to pull out the now badly wounded Niger Trigger.
:mad2: - A few weeks in QT so his wounds could heal, then back to the LFS.
:sad1: - After that I realized my stocking to that tank was done.
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You're asking for trouble...if you really want to add another trigger, a much bigger one might work. Unfortunately the humu is one of the more aggressive triggers unlike the niger, blue throat, crosshatch, etc. so this kinda limits your choices.