Trouble with a 6ogpd spectrapure rodi unit


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I just recently got a used 60 gpd SpectraPure RODI unit, but when I hooked it up the pressure from my fauct is only reading 20psi and the third canistar is not even filling with water. maybe only 1/4 of the thrid container is getting full. water is comming out the waste end, but not a drop of good water.

Could there be something wrong with the unit or is it my water pressure. I am using a faucet the is in the basement of a house on city water. The faucet doesn't seem to be any less pressure than a normal faucet. What could be the problem?


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Remove the two pre-filters, replace the housings and see if your pressure comes back.

Used systems almost never work right out of the sack, without getting new replacement components. The third cartridge (DI) is probably exhausted, as well.

All of our operation manuals for all of our products are on our website, you can learn more about maintenance procedures from them.

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Thanks Scott, I removed the first two prefilters and it helped. the pressure is up to 22psi and I do have some good water comming out, not much but at least it is some. What should I do now?