Trouble with Clowns.


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Greetings to everyone at Reef Central!

I have recently run into a few problems with my clownfish pair.

I have had this pair of clownfish for over 2 years, and they have been my most agreeable, and favourite fish (as they have outlived a lawnmower blenny, a six-line wrasse, and a royal gramma).

Recently, the female of the bunch has been beating up the male severely. There are no open wounds or abrasions, but the male seems very stressed, and is losing weight. I have been trying my best to feed him as much as I can, but this is where I run into the big problem.

Yesterday, I discovered my male clown in the far right compartment of the filter, happily minding his own business in about 3" of water. I managed to net him, and put him back into the tank, and he also managed to eat without problem. Today, about the same time, I discovered him in the second compartment on his side in about 1/8" of water, gasping for breath. This time, I put him into the quarantine tank I had set up.

Now, he does not look well.

Is there anything that can be done?


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Good plan, holding him in QT for now. What type of clowns? I would recomment posting this question in the clown fish forum on this site for best suggestions of what to do.

Good luck!


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Unfortunately, the clownfish died this morning.

Now I have got a bit of a hair algae problem to deal with.


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Your male clown might have been old. When fish get sick, other fish try to kill them before the "sickness" spreads. It sounds bad, but in nature it's the way of the jungle.

Hair algae is caused by nitrates, phosphates, poor lighting, poor circulation, and most importantly excess nutrients in the water. Post some test results and you'll get advice on what to address first. (Be sure you are using RO/DI water for top off, and changes.)