trouble with red and green monti digi's?


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hello, i have a sps tank with about 22 different frags in it... two of which include a red and green montipora digitata.... well, today, all of the polyps in both of them are cosed, just showing the exoskeleton.... every single other sps frag has PE... what gives?

just did a water change today....but they were closed before the water change as well...

Calc. 450ppm
Alk. 9.4 dkh
Ph. 8.3
nitrate. 0
nitrite 0
ammonia 0

any clues? are they just Pi$$ed off today for some reason? i tried to look very closely and i did not see any spots that looked like flatworms, and i did not see any red bugs....


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red bugs don't infect montipora. could it be a fish? what fish are in the tank? any dwarf angels.


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I have the same problem. I have many other SPS, but Monti Digi always die.

It might be my flame angel, but its weird cause he never goes after anything else?


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well, thats good about the red bugs.... what about flatworms? i dont see any on the coral(i.e. dark spots....) i really dont think its any fish... all i have are two percs, bi-color blenny, twinspot goby and Bartlett Anthias(just added this after noon).... the only other thing i have in the tank are snails and dwarf reef hermits.... and i never see anybody messing with the coral.... should i look at it tonight and see if the polyps come out?


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Not sure if it light related or not, but Digis LOVE..and I mean LOVE a TON of light. To get really good color and to make them happy they like to bathe in the sun :p. I doubt thats your problem if they already showed good color, but I figured it was worth mentioning


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well, i thought of that....because the light is only a 150 watt HQI DE pendant, and the montis are fairly low in the tank, but i have had them for about 1 month and a half or so, and yesterday anf today was the first time i noticed any lack of PE. Now its like some of them are half way out or wanting to come out, but dont.... when i look closely i can still see all of the polyps (what i mean is they are not gone), but they are just totally sucked in... the red is not as bad as the green..... im kinda worried.... i have like 450 invested in sps frags... i would really like not to lose the digis, but i would rather know what was going on so i can fix the possible problem and not lose all of my frags.... should i go ahead and do another water change? I did about a 10% earlier today (weekly maintence).


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was there any changes to your current. I have seen digi's under high current lose PE.

I also disagree that they need mass amounts of light. My green digitata with Orange polyps gets moderate lighting and colors better there than up high.