Trouble with Yellow Figi Leather

Mr. McReef

New member
I have a yellow fiji leather under moderate light and water flow. The tank parameters are as follows:

Nitrate = .02
Calcium = 450
Alkalinity = 8.6
Magnesium = 1350
Temp: 77F

The leather is new via the mail, never has fully expanded, is brownish instead of yellow, and most of the polyps are retracted/not poking out. The skin is sluffing off a thin layer everyday so I use a turkey baster to keep the coral clean. Earlier in my aquarium career I did not have success with these, but I didn't keep meticulous records back then so it could have been any number of reasons. Now I don't know why I'm having this issue. My water parameters are good. The only thing that has happened recently is I had a zoa-eating nudibranch issue, but thats under control and I never saw anything on the leathers. The only other leathers in the system are some Kenya Trees, which are doing fine and are actually a nuisance to keep trimmed back.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!