Trumpet Coral receding


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So I have had a trumpet coral for over a month and a half now and the number of little heads has multiplied in this time. I had it on the bottom part of my tank (60 cube) in the corner and it seemed to be happy. Fed it about once a week, puffed up nice and big during the day and tentacles out at night. Just this last week I noticed the skin starting to recede from the stony bit, so I moved it up about 6 inches higher in the tank based on recommendation of a experienced reefer who stopped by and checked out my tank. I am hoping that it wanted more light, flow is still low to moderate.
450 calc
8.0 Alk
Nitrate: 2.5

3 weeks ago I started 2 part doing for Alk, as it was consistently around 6.8-7.2, and my salt (batch tested) is 9. So my Alk has raised from 6.8 to 8 over 2.5 weeks. Other than that everything else has been going the same. Thoughts on what I can do? I have Hydra26hd for lights.


Reef Monster
Yes - I would leave it alone and no longer move it. Sometimes, continually movement of coral can add to the stress it is under. Although your Alkalinity was low, you seem to have that under control now.