Trustable filtration for large numbers of fishes


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I am planning to build up large 2 ton reef rank. Is there anyone who can give me strong advice about what to use for filtration except real reef rock and live sand. I will add macro algae in sump and highly potent skimmer and carbon reactor. I am curious what else i can add to support lots of tangs and many fishes? I want to avoid ammonia spikes and cyano issues. Any other idea ( bio sponges, bio balls etc.. and why ) ?



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Yeah. A lot of people run both simultaneously as it gives them room to err. If you by chance build a way too big ATS, your chaeto will stop growing. Just feed your fish more.

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A filter sock (a filter material bag) attached to the downflow exit and changed/washed every few days will assist with any floating bits. And nobody except you has mentioned a very GOOD skimmer, ---a large one, granted the size of tank you contemplate, and one that produces a thick, thick foam. This purifies the water of amino acid waste which is what the ocean does by creating sea foam. I can't overstate the importance of a really strong one in maintaining water quality.