Tube Worm ?


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I know this is a shot in the dark.

I have a very large tube worm that lives in a huge colony of zoas. It has multiple (6 or more) tentacles that can stretch over 4". All of these tentacles work independently and if they catch anything, can drag it to the tube. I've seen it, not trying to be gross, but drag a nice sized Tang turd over the sand bed and then through the zoa colony total distance from start to finish of 4" plus. I've never seen anything like this, this ain't no normal spaghetti worm.

Any ideas on what type of worm this is?


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Not sure, but I have the same thing living on the skeleton of a dead bubble coral colony. It has 6 or 7 tentacles, each are about 4" in length, and they are bright orange as opposed to the white ones that I usually see in my tank. But I think mine have been living off of Nemo-turds instead of tang turds :) What color are yours?


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The most common one on rocks that has 2 long translucent tenticles is a Chaetopterid.

Ones with many bright colored feelers are Speghetti worms. They usually are on the sand. I've got tons of them and they use their tenticles to grab and bring any uneated food to their mouths. If you had one of these spaced 2 inches apart all over your sand bed. You would not have one single peice of ditritus ever.