Tunze 6305 hum noise


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i got this pump about 2 months ago from ebay used
it has this humming noise manageable but annoying, my two other 6100 much older but virtually silence compare to 6305
the impeller has the the black disk at the end but not the blue i'm not sure what you call it but if you look at the part Tunze Spare 3005.740 you know what i meant
could this cause the humming noise,
i lift the powerhead away from the mount you can still hear the humming a little bit
anyway i order the Tunze Spare 3005.740 from tunze just now hoping that it would solve the problem
i do want to hear what you think of it
do you know where i can order the two rubber tips that goes on each end of the shaft


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I would probably replace the entire drive unit, especially if the prop is black plastic, the pump is likely from 2009-2010 and these parts wear, especially if you are not the original owner and don't know the history of maintenance and use. This will be the must likely to quiet them down. The blue end bushings are only sold as a set with the shaft, part 6065.709. The full drive unit is 6305.700.


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i place an order from tunze for 3005.740 before i started this topic, I'll wait for it to come in and replace them, if it doesn't work, i'll try to replace the drive unit
thanks for the reply