Tunze ato


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Hey I was wondering if I could put a 20 gal brute can near the tank in a closet for top off water. Tank is only 40 gal and sump 20. I go through 5 gal in 5 days. Is it safe to do it?i have a new tunze ato, have anyone have them fail and keep dumping water?


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I wouldnt worry about it at all. I have the older model modded with the new magnets and it has never had any issue or even skipped a beat. Just try to wipe the optic once a month for good measure. Trust me you will love that thing.


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Get the Elos ATO. It doesn't use a float switch just a probe sensor. I've got three of them on each of my tanks..


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I just got the Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 and my sump is about 20g and the ato tank is 5g and it works great. I have no problems with it so far, had it about a month now.