Tunze Nano 9002


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Do you guys think a tunze nano 9002 would be big enough for a 46 gallon bowfront tank containing soft corals and lps (no sps). I like the look and size of these skimmers and have heard they are extremely quite, and have no chance of overflowing into the floor like a hang on back. If they did overflow it would go back into the tank. I am paranoid about having an overflow into my floor? Also does anyone know how hard they are to get skimming good? Are they worth the extra money, or would I be better with an octopus (which has been recomended to me) or an aqua C? I want something fairly quiet, easy to adjust and with little chance of having water in my floor? Please input.


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The Tunze will not, can not overflow onto the floor. Any HOB can. I would go with the larger 9010 model. Check the Tunze forum and see what Roger says.


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I have the 9002 I would be very leery of this skimmer. I have not ever got a full cup of skimmate on my 33 gallon reef tank. Sometimes you keep adjusting it with no results then 2 hours later it is overflowing. Presently I have it on my 120 to see if I can get a full cup there. I know I have a heavy bio load there.