Tunze Nano Skimmer Question


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Two quick questions:

1. Does the tunze nano skimmer fit in the rear chamber of the 12 gallon JBJ nanocube?

and, if so...

2. What is that website that sells the modified collection cup (the square cup as opposed to the stock round cup) so that you can close the lid?



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How about this...

Does anyone know what the dimensions of the middle rear chamber of the JBJ 12 gallon... I can't seem to find a schematic on google.


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Yes it will fit; but I don't think you'll be happy with it.

I have had it in the past and unless you keep the water level PERFECT you will never get it dialed in the right way.

Also you won't pull much becuase the skimmer is rated for more water.

I would just run chempure and phosban. Wayyyy better results with out the hassle.

Remember that you really only have 6-8 gallons of actual water. Not 12.