Tunze Osmolaor 3155


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I set up the osmolator two days ago. When I initially plugged it in, the sump fill to the operating sensor and the pump stopped. I had to go to work then and when I got home the unit had stopped running on the high level safety. I remove five gallons of water to bring it below the operating sensor, and again plugged it in and haven't had a problem since. Any ideas on the initial problem?
1 of 2 possiblities-

a)your water level sensor was flaking out. either from not cleaned before putting in use. they sometimes have a film from production that needs to be cleaned off. Or if you have bubbles in the sump, they can build up around the sensor, and effectively cause the sensor think its out of water.

b)sounds like your siphoning out of the top off. Are you dosing straight from the resovoir, or are you also using a kalk doser?
if using a reactor, it nees to be the lowest point in the circuit.

Where is your top off resovoir in relation to your sump? is it higher or lower? If its higher, you are starting a siphon, Your feed line to the sump needs to have a peak in it that is higher
than the resoivor so gravity will break the siphon after the pump shuts off.
Likely had something to do with a). I didn't clean the sensor off before I used it. I typically don't have bubbles in the sump unless my skimmer overflows.

The top off reservoir is at the same level as the sump preventing siphoning, and I have my calcium reactor in the sump.

Hopefully this helps with any suggestions.

Thank you.
your probably right. just remeber, water will always find its
level. So, If your resovoir water level height is 1" higher than the water line in your sump then it will continue flowing until level.