Tunze Osmolator 3155 alarm issues


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So I recently installed my tunze osmolator on my new tank and love it. Was super easy to install and worked great for a few days. I had the unit turned off while I was doing maintenance yesterday and forgot to turn it back on. I went to turn it on tonight and immediately got the "too high" water alarm yet my water was not too high. Wiped the optical sensor and moved the float up to see if I could get it to reset. When I moved the float up manually (simulating that the water was too high), it turned the alarm off and engaged the pump. Almost like my unit is somehow flipped now? Fills when the float is up and alarm when it is down. Tried to find other things online but have been unsucessful. Any tips on how to reset this would be great. Optical sensor works fine (I tested that by holding the float up and it shut the pump off when it reached the eye).


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I would verify the float is installed in the correct orientation, be careful as I frequently see wrong advice on forums from users on the Nano Osmolator, the float on a nano Osmolator has the opposite orientation. Cable should exit the bottom on a regular Osmolator. The float can be affected by a magnet, it is a magnetic switch, if you are using the seperate float magnet holder, it has to be at least 4" or so from the optic sensor magnet. It is also very important the magnet holders are properly lined up.