Tunze Skimmers


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I read so many different different views on different skimmers. So whats up with tunze they never get a mention?. Im trying to find out if they are good bad or just way over priced? Please help as im trying to find the right skimmer for a 250 gal with 100 sump.


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They're European, so they're just not as popular in the US. Great skimmer though, but if you want the best I'd go with a Deltec.


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From what I've read they are dead quiet, skim a bit wet and are very compact. The amount of air they introduce to the skimmer body and bubble size is very impressive, they just don't have a big reaction chamber as other skimmers.

I'm probably going to get one for my next tank, if interested I would recommend you follow Tunzes own tank size recomendation in accordance with their suggested stocking. It seems as if they have done their homework.

Also they seeem to work best with a moderate to slow flow in the sump, which IMHO will save you lots of problems down the road (bubbles, return pump heat, noise, etc)