Turbo charge or cyle?


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Just set up 110 gal with Haitain LR and someone suggested
Turbo charge instead of cycling. FO tank for the moment but
want to move into the soft corals.
Any opinions?


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No idea what "turbo charge" is, but i'm guessing one of those "gifts from the gods to take away your cycle"? If so, i would not bother with it since all those are crap. Letting it cycle is the best thing you can do at this point.

Stuff like the product "cycle" (the actual stuff that you add to the tank is what i'm talking about...not the process of cycling lol) and those other things meant to "cycle" the tank fast are not truely cycling the tank. Read the label on "Cycle"....it says it neutralizes amonia. Well amonia is needed for a cycle. Now if you're killing the amonia with "Cycle", how on earth will you get the real cycle to take place?

and yes, i know i said cycle way too many times right there lol. 9 times to be exact :)


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I would add cycle. It won't exactly supercharge your cycle, but the product adds concentrated bacteria that is beneficial to tanks and the nitrification cycle.

Best thing to do is just test your water once or twice a week and wait out the bastard until the parameters are good.

If you skimp on things in the beginning it will come back to haunt you later.


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It wont be speeding it up and it is natural. He isn't adding chemicals to the water, just beneficial bacteria.