Turf Algae eradication


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I have picked off all the turf algae I can with my fingers so that there is just bits sticking to the rocks. Wondering at this level can I get some emeral craps to clear rest out?

Reef Frog

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I'm doubtful emeralds will help much but no harm in trying.

I am doing an experiment. I have 3 small patches. Luckily they are very slow growing. I made a flat thin "pancake" out of standard reef epoxy putty. I formed it to the rocks with my fingers. It won't actually stick but forms a cap and will stay in place as long as direct flow isn't too strong. I have a vertical surface to treat where it will blow away, but plan to secure it with stout plastic toothpicks drilled into the rock.

The idea is to deprive it of light. I did this about 3 weeks ago. I lifted the caps occasionally and didn't see any change. But recently I confirmed it is indeed thinning & receding. So it may just work. But it will probably take some time but I'm in no hurry. It might help to supplement this tactic with a good scrubbing and/or peroxide application if one is so inclined.

I plan on keeping the hard epoxy caps around after treatment in case I need them again. But eventually I plan on having some encrusting corals there which should out-compete it, hopefully.

Good good luck to you. .